Making Priorities

Recently it has become glaringly obvious to me that as I get older, my priorities are shifting vastly. This may be quite an obvious statement to make, but there are things that I never thought I’d really have to think about or take into consideration at the young age of twenty-two.

I the past few months, I have discovered so many things about myself I would have never guessed. In particular, I have discovered what makes me feel comfortable in a working environment, and how my personal life plays off of that. Only a few weeks ago I was lucky and bold enough to leave a job that, regardless of only having worked there for a few months, I knew was the wrong fit for me. This job taught me what exactly it is I expect as far as treatment from the people that I work with, and when the time is right to stand up for something that I believe is wrong. After witnessing one of the nicest people I have had the privilege of working with get beaten down because of a mistake she did not make, it was time to make my stand.

Luckily, I was able to quickly get a job somewhere new where the environment is a total 180 from my last position. In an environment where I was feeling hostility and frustration, I have now entered a place where conversation and close relationships are encouraged. I am being pushed to be open, honest, and laugh – to smile everyday and allow for my work place to also be my happy escape. This is such a revelation for me.

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However, I am also in this position aware that this is not the kind of thing I want for the rest of my life and that, for me, the ultimate goal is to be self-employed. My personal life has taken a hit this summer, and one that i was not prepared for. In light of this, I have realized that my priorities do not lie in retail or any other completely respectable and admirable job – or even university -, but rather in the people that surround me and making sure that I am always available for them. In being self-employed, I have the control over doing something that is mostly what I want to be doing, but also control over my schedule and time, as it would become completely my own.

I made a video that will be going up on my YouTube channel all about the realization of what it is I want to do and being able to sound that out to other people (as I am just learning to say it to myself), but I think that while it’s important to do things that you love, I am not lost on the fact that I am willingly giving up a steady paycheck and the security a “normal” job gives. However, you never know until you try, right?