My Perfect Sunday

I like to try and always appreciate the little things in life. The small, intimate details that allow for a calm and relaxing environment. One of my favourite small things, in fact, are Sundays.

Recently I took a part time job, which means that I don’t always get my Sundays to myself anymore. However, when both Lewis and I do happen upon a free Sunday, we have a ritual (or sorts) I though I would share with you lovely people!

As we are still new to living together, Lewis and I haven’t had the opportunity to fully furnish our lovely little home. However, I do think there is something romantic about waking up with the one you love as you lie on the mattress on the floor. It’s all very literary, isn’t it?

So far, we have left our bedroom mostly empty and with very, very neutral tones. I tend to have a hard time sleeping, and I’ve found that keeping the bedroom really calm and neutral has helped when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. In the morning, it is always so special to see the beautiful light (when we can get it) shining through the window.

Lewis is much more likely to be the one who sleeps in in the morning, so that usually means that I spend a good couple of hours reading my book in the living room. Because we’re so busy throughout the week, I really appreciate this time that is wholly dedicated to one of my favourite activities.


I love to keep the flat as happy as possible on these wonderful days (and most days), and for me that means music! If you were ever to walk in to our flat on a Sunday morning, no doubt there would be vinyls playing at top volume. Recently we picked up more for our collection, and have been listening to Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin IIII.

Because it is officially summer and we have (surprisingly) had such wonderful weather lately, Sunday afternoons have meant chores and walks for us! This is usually when we’ll do our big week food shop or go for a walk by the beautiful canal.

The evenings are such a mystery for us, and usually leave us getting ready for work the next day, so our afternoon jaunt is the end of our Sunday!