April Watching

This month has been crazy as far as events of my life go. We moved in to our new flat at the of March, meaning that this entire month we have been trying to get it together and organised as best we can without furniture or storage. Also, I decided to up the amount of content I’m putting out, keeping both the blog and my YouTube channel updated twice a week, not to mention that I am smack dab in the middle of revision for my finals. Yes, you could say it has been a lot.

Unfortunately, that means that this month was sorely lacking on the film front, with only one film to actually talk about. Luckily, though, it was a good one…

On a rare weekend off, Lewis and I took the opportunity to go back to the cinema and watch The Handmaiden. At almost three hours long, we knew we were in for a full experience, but were not prepared for what that would entail.

The Handmaiden is about a Japanese con-man who gets the help of a pick pocket in order to seduce a rich woman out of her inheritance. Only, he isn’t the only on to win the game, as both women start to favour their own needs, and go against the orders he whispers in their ears.

Based off of the Sarah Waters books Fingersmith, this erotic physiological thriller has more twists, turns and intertwined story lines than I could have ever imagined. There were so many places in the story that made me think I knew exactly how it would end. I was sorely mistaken.

If you are looking for a film for everyone to see, this is not the film. It is twisted, erotic, vulgar, and sometimes unfathomably disgusting and explicit. However, it was also one of – if not the best – films I’ve seen this year so far.

Visually, it is absolutely stunning. The filmmakers really exposed the Korean and Japanese scenery in the best way possible, and along the way they made it suit the mood at the particular moment. It was stunning and like a fairytale all on it’s own.

However complicated it may sound – and it is – it was surprisingly easy to follow. Instead of complicating it to the point where the audience looses track of what is going on, it is instead all-engrossing, where, speaking from experience, the audience looses themselves within the film.

Once again, I want to make a little warning that this film is not for everybody. I’m sure to a few people it will be too much or even offensive. Go in with the expectation that you will see more than you bargained for. That being said, it is just plain fantastic, if you choose to accept the storyline in it’s entirety.




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