Journaling & Journal Tour

I have always wanted to be someone who journaled. The sentiment of it was fascinating to me, and the thought that there might something – my words – left after I’m not here anymore is quite a romantic idea. The problem was, no matter how hard I tried I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I had set these rules for myself, like having to write every night before bed, and would end up feeling defeated and intimidated because that wasn’t necessarily a commitment I could keep.

Lately, though, I have found myself with plenty of notebooks and journals floating around. For writing, painting, drawing, thinking, you name it. I have let go of the “rules” of journaling and find it so much easier and therapeutic now. Thus, I thought I would share with you my current journals and their purpose…


The first one has had conflicting purposes, but I think I’m finally starting to understand what I want from this journal. It started out as my diary, where I would write what happened in my day, how I was feeling, or thoughts on a topic that was particularly bugging me. Now, it has turned into what I like to call my “visual diary”. More often than not I find myself cutting things out of magazines, pasting down tickets, pictures, and dried plants as a way of preserving all my memories and points of intrigue. It has really turned into a fun place for me to keep inspiration and refer back to when I’m lacking in content ideas.


This one is my lovely new(ish) sketchbook. I mentioned to Lewis a couple weeks ago that I wanted to get back into sketching and painting and he handed over a brand new sketchbook. I have only just started with one sketch (you can’t really see it, but it’s of perfume bottle) so there isn’t much to show off about it just yet.


My lovely botanical-printed notebook actually came in a set of three, and it’s use is to plan out videos and blogposts. This one is just about done, so soon I will be moving on to another one in the set, but I knew when I found them that I just had to have them. They are quite slim,  making them incredibly easy to carry around when I have to film and edit on the go, and the botanic print is always a must for me.


Lewis always says this is the scariest looking of all my notebooks, and that’s because this is my daily planner. In here I put everything I need to get done in the day, plus all the chores I have to do (not to mention appointments, deadlines, etc.). I am always scribbling down in this book, and I find it – for me – to be much more useful than using my laptop and/or my phone. For some reason, I get so stressed out when using technology to organise my life, so this daily journal is a must.


This one was the real first notebook I bought myself when I moved to Scotland, and surprisingly it has not really been used that much. I usually keep quick line drawings in here, and I will sometimes add a bit of writing to accompany it. I am especially proud of the one on the right, which is a drawing of a peony I an hoping to get tattooed on me this summer.


This absolute beauty of a book was given to me by my Mum who shipped it all the way from Canada. She got two of them (the other one is a sand colour) and it consists of three different types of paper – lined, grid, and plain. Since it has the look of an old French school notebook, I have been jotting don some words and phrases in French. I have been trying to re-learn after paying awful attention in my school classes, and am still finding it hard to get the time.


I was lucky enough to find this little gem just a few days ago, and was surprised to find a polaroid of me when I was nineteen! Oh, how things have changed…

Either way, I’ve decided to keep this as my little polaroid keeper – a nice, small leather journal to keep all my memories. First thing to add in here? The pictures I took on moving day!


I found this beautiful leather-bound (haha, het it?) ruled journal along with the polaroid one and it is completely blank inside. I have decided that, with turning my other one into a visual journal, I would keep this for my words. I can’t wait to start writing in here!


I hope you guys enjoyed this tour of some of my journals. All the other ones I have are unused, and so until I have obliterated them with thoughts, pictures, and lists, I’ve decided to leave those aside.

Do you guys journal? If so, do you have just one, or a collection like me?