…no, not blogging. The kind of quitting I’m embarking one is not something to be ashamed of or shy away from. It is the kind that is usually praised and in many ways brings more joy than sadness; happiness rather than disappointment.

That’s right…I quit smoking.

Many of you may not have known that i had this nasty habit, and frankly, it wasn’t really anyone’s business.

I started smoking when I was eighteen and working full time in an industry that limited the freedom over what I could do with my own self. Simultaneously, I was surrounded by people who were just fine being inundated with bad habits and looking “cool” doing them. Que, smoking.

It was often a form of suppressant for me – something to distract my hands and my mind from the real task at hand. I also, like so any, thought that it made me look “cooler”, as smoking so often has this romanticised view in the eyes of society.

I’m now 22 years old and it is occurring to me that if I want to be able to kick ass later on in life as well as in my twenties, now is definitely the time to start seriously taking care of myself. The earlier you start, the less you suffer later.

So here I am, officially quitting smoking and looking forward to seeing all the progression that can be made because of it – my physical strength, less aggravated lugs, and an increase in control over my diabetes.



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