Interior Inspirations

I am beyond happy to announce that this coming Tuesday I will officially be moving in with Lewis! At the beginning of the year we started the “hunt”, and we were lucky enough to find a place we absolutely fell in love with at the beginning of February. Now that we are finally going to be in the same room – nonetheless the same city – and in anticipation I have been scouring the internet and shops for interior decorating inspiration.

Although there are things we definitely can’t change about the flat since we are renting, it will be the first time for both of us that we are solely responsible for furnishing the entire place. To be honest, this was completely daunting at first. As much as we loved this place, the fact that it had no bed or couch, and just one table, some chairs, and a wardrobe, had us considering weather or not it was worth it. After much deliberation, the realisation that we would be creating a home together and one that will (hopefully) become ours for at least a few years, we took the plunge.

Here is some inspiration that I’ve compiled for each room. It won’t be exactly like this, but a girl can dream!

One of the things that sold me on the new flat was the living (or sitting) room. It is big, bright, and incorporates so many antique touches. I really want to play upon the beauty that already exists in the room, while injecting my own – admittedly masculine – taste.

The mix of masculine and feminine is something I’m known for, especially in my personal style. Projecting this onto my space is one of my top priorities, so having a trunk (like the one above) in the room is a dream of mine. Preferably, I’d like to have one with a flat top so that it could function both as a coffee table and storage unit.

The bedroom is going to be a room of complete tranquility. Lewis and I have both agreed that, because it is so separated off, we want the bedroom to be a place that we can go into at the end of the day and read books, drink tea, and calmly fall asleep.

I still want some masculine touches to the room, so the black iron/wood mix clothing rack is ideal. I also really love how it clashes with the white bed linen and white rustic table. Dreamy.

The bathroom (as is the same with the kitchen) is the one room in the flat that I don’t really love and were we can’t actually do much to it. Mostly, for me, it’s the flooring that is already in there. Blue – not my taste. However, I am going to add the wee touches that really makes it into a spa (keep on dreaming). I would love to have a cluster of white candles on the window sill with some flowers, and a good pile of some of my favourite magazines on the side.

This is definitely the room that will be the most difficult to decorate, but I still stand by the fact it will be the little things that transform the room.

We are completely blessed with a large and bright kitchen, and while we won’t be able to get, say, a new fridge (like the beautiful smeg one above), there is still a lot of room to transform the room.

There is a large mantle piece in the kitchen, and I can’t wait for it to become a place to display a lot of the art that Lewis and I have collected over time. Not only is it a great conversation piece, but art is such a large part of Lewis’ life and it really makes the centre of the home more…us.

I really hope you liked this post! It’s gong to take us a long time to get the place just how we want, but the adventure of decorating our own place is something we’re both so looking forward to.

Let me know if you would like to see a post about the new flat before we start decorating!