An Artist With New Tools

I am by no means a beauty and/or makeup guru – in fact, I struggle to put on makeup most days. I’m a big believer in letting skin breathe and do it’s natural thing. It really wasn’t until the last year that I actually thought about the possibilities of makeup and what it could do for my confidence and creativity, and then took to YouTube to gets some tips and tricks.

I’m starting to get a handle of the kind of look that I like to go for, but still find myself completely confused looking at all the tools – to me, it always seems a bit like looking at a surgeons table…definitely not my place. However, for my birthday a few weeks ago my Mum – a bona fide beauty enthusiast – sent me the makeup brushes from Bliss & Grace. On the promise that I would be completely wowed by the results, I took my keenness and got to trying out these bad boys. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

I have to admit that I still struggle with a few of them, seeing as they came in an entire set. The concealer brush hasn’t quite gotten me off my beauty blender, and I can’t quite seem to find my control with the eyeshadow brush. That being said, I have been absolutely consumed by the powder brush (pictured above). I don’t actually use it for powder, as the package recommends, but rather for my foundation. I have never before had such even coverage that looks so absolutely natural. While I have been known to pack on the eyeshadow Bardot style, I really like the base of my skin to looks naturally flawless (an oxymoron, some might say), and this brush definitely does that.

I’m still searching for that particular look – the one I can call absolutely mine -but I am so glad that in the search for the most myself me, these brushes have made their way into my bag of tricks.