Looking Forward: 2017

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I figure as it is still early January I can get away with a post about my hopes for the new year, right? Well, here it goes…

Seeing as the last year has been mostly about my life getting some perspective, I think for 2017 I would like to put that perspective into action. With my health, I got over the hardest hurdle of accepting the help I needed, but now it is time to use my new knowledge and new routine as a way to becoming more at peace with my body – physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Instead of setting a fitness goal that latches itself on to weight, I have made attainable goals that have to do with strength. For one, I would like to become somewhat (??) of a runner. As it stands now, I absolutely hate running. It has never mattered how much I worked out, I have always hated the sport. This year, I would like to turn that around.

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I’m also looking to work even harder this year, in most aspects. This comes to me in a contradictory way, as I am – as with most other people – trying to show myself some more self love and self care (including learning when to slow down) this year. That being said, along with getting a job for some steady income, I really want to apply myself to my main passions: university, blogging, and vlogging. I have truly fallen in love with so many things – writing, photography, creating, etc. – that I want to put all I have into them. In all three is where I find I get the most fulfilment and feelings of accomplishment.

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Lastly, it’s time that I make the most out of my life now. I can’t even begin to explain how lucky I feel to have the life that I do – a life that I only dreamt of for such a long time. I’m living in my favourite city, going to my dream school, and am surrounded by people who I love and love me back. In trying to take in as much of this time of my life as I can, I want to start journaling again. Journaling and I have always had a love/hate relationship – as I found I’ve always been far too sporadic to keep one. However, in the last coupe months of 2016 I found myself really writing to my hearts content. Journaling allows me to express my feelings, as well as flexing my writing skills in something other than an essay.

In relation to journaling, I have a strong feeling that 2017 will be the year of photographs for me. I have been so lucky as to be around my love, who has taught me so much about photography and the wonderful things it can offer. Photography has become a secret passion I never knew I had up until the past year, where it has really come to a head for me. Also, luckily for me, father Christmas spoiled me with a Minolta XE-1 50mm, which will be put to some very good use.

This is just a start on what I would like to achieve in the next year, but I think it’s a pretty great place to start.

Whew – that was a long one. If you made it through my 2017 rant, thank you!