H&M Steps Up High-Street Luxury

It is really no surprise that that luxury items are becoming “the norm” on the high street. Topshop has been a key sponsor of London Fashion Week since 2002, and in 2005 became one of the key shows of the fashion events’ catwalk schedule. Shops like Urban Outfitters – who have minimal high-fashion history – have collaborated with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and FIFA. Even H&M has had the benefit of collaboration – ranging from KENZO to Karl Lagerfeld, all the way to Alexander Wang and beyond. However, it’s H&M’s new “Premium Quality” collection that has caught the eye of many high-street shoppers – including this one – and may just be the ultimate game changer between high-street and high-end.

The “Premium Quality” collection has already proven itself, just by looking at sales alone. Many of the products made for this line have completely sold out in most sizes, and some have just plain sold out. ‘Why?’, you may ask – because the mix of cashmere, mohair, and leather paired with shopper friendly prices allows those of us with a budget to acquire quality pieces that will last longer than a season – whether that be of weather or fashion. The muted earth tones also means that there is no limit to where and when we can wear them, making them truly lasting items.

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What may seem like a small step in the way of accessible fashion is actually quite the statement. By providing a line of clothing that is more affordable than it’s designer counterpart, H&M poses a challenge to brands of all degrees in price.

Personally, I am just waiting for the next pay check to get my little hands into some of the collection – Favourites including an oversized wool sweater in beige (picture above) and cashmere joggers made of pure dreams.

Race you.