A Sunday at the Market

As is the case with most bloggers, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It seems that Sunday is the one day I tend to let myself have a day off – free of any university work or otherwise – and just unwind. Most Sunday’s Lewis and I like to just hang out, watch movies, an indulge in brunch at our favourite spot, Loudons in Fountainbridge. However, recently we have taken to doing things that either one or both of us haven’t done before, and on this occasion it was the Ruthven Mews!


For those who aren’t native or very familiar with Glasgow, the Ruthven Mews Arcade is an alley way in the West End of Glasgow (near the University of Glasgow) that cultivates sellers of vintage furniture, clothing, accessories, prints, you name it…definitely a vintage lover’s haven.


After scouring for bargains and vintage hidden gems (we found two gorgeous vintage bottles to use as centre pieces and flower vases), naturally, we had to make a visit up to the university.

Something you (probably) don’t know about how Lewis and I met is that it was at a New Year’s Eve party through a very close mutual friend of ours. After hours of catching glances of each other across the table, we finally got talking at about midnight and didn’t stop until five in the morning – where he proceeded to ask if I would like to go out just a few hours later, as I was alone for New Year’s Day. Of course I said yes (you mean this beautiful man wants to take ME out?!?!), and he took me to the top of Glasgow uni at sundown, where we watched the whole city light up. Therefore, we have to visit the university anytime we go by!


One of the best things about this particular Sunday is that it was my ideal weather – the sun was shining, but there was a perfectly crisp chill. This mean that I could wrap myself up in my old BooHoo jacket, new Zara scarf, Acne Studios *dream* jumper, and the watch I had searched for for months. I picked this watch up while in London (post about my trip coming soon!) and it is exactly what I was looking for.  A nice, large masculine watch, with an exposed left side, all wrapped up in black and rose gold. Can you say dream come true?

This was truly a perfect Sunday, topped off with dinner with Lewis’ best friends (who I was meeting for the first time – nicest people ever!). We have already made plans for next Sunday, and I can’t wait to share it with you…img_2866 xx,