Film Journal #1: Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Thanks to my incredible other half, I have been finding my passion with photography again. Lewis has a collection of camera’s to die for, and has stringed together a plethora of photographs in his room for inspiration. Being with someone as equally creative as yourself is always such a blessing, as I am constantly being inspired by him and learning to appreciate the wonderful things, people, and places around me that also serve for creative drive!

One particular passion Lewis has shared with me is film photography. I have always loved the effect of film photography, and would (and still do!) spend hours searching the internet for those beautiful, half-faded photographs. However, it wasn’t until recently that I actually was given the chance to try it out for myself! After kindly letting me handle his precious Minolta X-700, my love and I went out to the Glasgow Botanical Gardens for a day of photography fun! I am definitely still in the learning curve of it all, but here is a look at the first go!

P.S. Excuse the digital effect they are adorning here, I’m still figuring out the best way to transfer the photos to my computer!


One of the main glasshouses at the Botanics is rimmed with amazing marble statues. This one in particular captured me.


Dream staircase!

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