My 2016/2017 Travel Plans!

Travel has always been a huge part of my life – and I am beyond lucky to say so. My parents were firm believers that travelling provided the best form of education and thus took me on vacation with them as often as possible. Luckily, this trait that was imbedded in me has stayed, leading to things like living in different countries and making the big decision to move  – permanently – to Scotland. However, as I approach my one-year anniversary with my favourite country, I also realise that I have barely travelled! Being in the UK and so close to Europe, I have dream destinations that are literally just a quick flight away. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to make a top-five list of all the places I would like to go to in the next year. So, in no particular order, here we go…






This is one trip I can say with firmness that is absolutely going to happen. My boyfriend and I talked a long time about where we would like to go for our first real trip away together, and after much deliberation Lisbon proved the winner.

So many blogger have been loving Lisbon lately (check out WhatOliviaDid’s blog post HERE to see her beautiful trip!) and I have definitely caught the bug! Having never been to the continent, I am thrilled to have Lisbon as my first destination! From beautiful tiles, to ancient architecture, to all the sun – I am so ready for you, Lisbon!



I know what you must be thinking: ‘Taylor, you live in Scotland, how have you never been to London?!?!’ And you are absolutely right for thinking so. I have been to London once – for about four hours. And considering all I saw was a pub and the inside of a Primark, we could say I haven’t been at all. However, this year I am going to change that! My plan is to take a trip this fall (2016) and spend a good four or five days shopping, wandering museums, and seeing all the great sights!


Every book-lover’s dream, Hay-on-Wye is another guaranteed location for me! This small town in Wales in a collection of old houses and more secondhand bookshops than you can count! Another trip with my boyfriend, we’ll also be stopping in Manchester on the way!


Regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland (which is hard to do, considering the whole country is gorgeous!) I have dreamed of going to Skye since i was fifteen years old, and I am determined to make it happen in the next year! Not a trip for the city lover, the Isle of Skye is nothing but beautiful, natural scenery in the Scottish highlands. This is ideal for the getaway I am craving.


Finally, the last trip on this list is Lyon. This is a bit of a random one, but that was done was complete intention. Since graduating high-school, I have been taken to places randomly and have (usually) had an amazing experience! So, I am going to try to push myself to go to one place – completely random – every year.

Lyon is beyond gorgeous in every sense and less of a tourist hub than Paris, which really intrigued me. I  can just image myself wandering the streets of Lyon at night…ahhh…


So, these are the trips I am hoping to go on in the next year. There are a few others that I’m not counting here (i.e. going back to Canada), but these are the big trips. The travel I haven’t done yet and could not be more excited about! And of course, I’ll be documenting the whole things for YouTube and various blog posts.