Published: Hutchinson (Penguin Random House), 2016

My Rating: 2.5/5


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“In fact, there was so much love that looking at the picture felt a bit like spying. In the last photograph they were kissing, of course. It was as if the kissing had to follow because it was the next bit of the story.” – p. 210




I have had an extremely difficult time writing this review. Unfortunately, this was not due to overwhelming emotion – but the opposite.

THE MUSEUM OF YOU is a story about a young girl who’s mother passed away shortly after her birth. The father avoids all conversation concerning his deceased wife, and as a result his daughter immerses herself in a room full of her mothers possessions and creates a “museum”.

Carys Bray is known for her tales about family and all it’s intricacies – and thus has garnered an extremely loyal following. However, the lack of overall plot is where THE MUSEUM OF YOU really falls short for me. While the book is lovely and sweet, there is a lack of intent within the novel – as well as fully formed characters.

This all being said, I would not all-together dismiss this story. Many people I trust found it to be incredibly profound and emotional, thus earning a recommendation from me – being that the synopsis peaks your interest.